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We get it. It’s your job, and you need to make a living. But we just can’t take it anymore. I’m sorry, but we’re never going to buy. Let us set you free, and in the process free up our inboxes. Email used to be a wonderful thing. Just like Meg and Tom, we used to get excited each and every time we heard “You’ve got mail.” But the joy is gone, and email is now another thing on our to-do list, cluttering up our lives. Let’s make communication meaningful and intentional again. We’re not trying to stop you...just your emails.




Does your inbox look like this?

Inbox Full

Ours, too. It’s awful. And it needs to stop. The thing is, cold sales emails do no good for anyone. So, we figured it’s time someone did something about it.


Fix it in just a few seconds

Inbox Clear

Sign up and authorize your email accounts so Stop can start filtering out sales emails.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do.


Here’s how we do it

Stop filters through mass mailers as well as any sales or cold emailers. And once Stop has identified a bad actor's domain, it also sends any other addresses from that domain straight to spam.

Unlimited accounts

Plug n' play

Automatic filtering


Private and secure

Free to use


We care about privacy just as much as you do

We’ll never sell or access your email data. We’re trying to have less sales emails in our inboxes, not more. Read more about our privacy and security.

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And the best part? It’s totally free

We wanted to solve this problem for ourselves, so why not share it with the world. We’re trying to build a community, not a customer base.

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We’ve blocked



We’re building a community to stop bad sales emails

Each sender that you flag as junk or spam automatically gets added to our list of bad actors, so no one else receives their sales emails.

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Absolutely. We built Stop to solve a problem in our day-to-day lives and we just wanted to share it with the world. Ridding the world of bad sales emails benefits everyone, and we want you to join our mission.

Join us to stop bad sales emails

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